Visions and Impressions during Prayer
There is no limit to where God will take you during Spirit led prayer.
An angel, who said his name is Mahalah, appeared to Robbie and showed her a dance and gave her a song as we worshiped. Afterward we looked up the name and "Mahalah" means "a company of dancers". How appropriate. What a blessing to have the angels attending our times of refreshing.

While standing in 5:00pm prayer, I sensed myself moving through an entrance of softness but of a form like a gate with double swinging doors.  As I stepped across the threshold the last thing I heard Pastor Sharon say was something about going through the gate.  I was aware that I had stepped into an infinite space without actual floor, ceiling or walls and it was light but not blinding.  I felt as though some weight had left me and my body felt very light. 

As I stood there I felt the shoulder of another person touch my left shoulder, then looking to my right I saw another
person near me, then I became aware of others in front and back of me, people from every tribe and every nation and
every tongue. The atmosphere was filled with the silence of peacefulness and at the same time the air was crashing with rejoicing as every eye focused on the throne of God which was before me. 

The throne was large and lifted up and yet close enough to approach and touch.  It was transparent to look upon,
iridescent in its brightness.  The area around it seemed misty white, softness seemed to be everywhere.  The light that came out from the throne was tremendous and overwhelming and yet the light did not hurt my eyes. 

As the throne of God came into my focus, I saw a Man who was a Lamb stand up and gather all the people to Himself.
All the people worshiped Him.  The worship was loud and yet every word could be heard like a whisper heard in a silent room.  I could understand every word spoken and sung, and I wondered how all of the people could worship Him at once in the same language.  I heard Jesus say that all the people worshiped Him with a language that was spoken in heaven that all could understand even though they came from different language groups on earth.  I could hear the language as we all sang, "worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb".  And the sound of it was a melody I had not heard before on earth.  Everyone there was in perfect harmony and symphony.  I was amazed at how comfortable I felt as I spoke the language along with everyone else and understood everyone else speaking it, too. 

Together all the people bowed down before the Man who was a Lamb, who was Jesus.  How could a man be a lamb, I heard myself say.  I saw the Man and Lamb as one and yet each was distinctive. Jesus opened my understanding to see how He, the Man became the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.  The Father's plan of the blood sacrifice to wash away the need for any more blood shed for sin was through His beloved Son and only could be through Him.  The Son of God would be the Son of Man who would be the Lamb Slain forever. 

Loudly all the people cried "Worthy is the Lamb!"  I began to weep and to quiver from the sheer amazement of His
beauty as I gazed upon the Man who was the Lamb.  His countenance was warm, casual and inviting but at the same
time He was regal, holy, light shining brightly and awesome beyond earthly description.  I saw Him as never before and
enjoyed His presence and companionship deeper and more touchable than every before.  It seemed endless and yet with a completeness to it.

Then I realized the Man who was the Lamb, Jesus, was not seated at the right hand of the Father, although there was a
place on the right side of the Father's throne which also seemed to be part of the Father's seat.  Separate and yet

Then I realized that when Jesus had stood up as He gathered the people, He had not stood up from the right hand seat of God, He had stood up from the very lap of God.  Jesus had been sitting on His Father's lap.  And in one instant I understood that was why I could sit on the Father's lap and call him "Abba"-- because Jesus did the same.  Again, tears and quivers raced over me as I drew to the Father and sat upon His lap along side Jesus and yet as one with both of them.  Again this seemed endless in time and yet there was a fullness of time to it.

That is when I became aware that I was bowed down on the floor as I slowly regained awareness of the room in which
we were praying and the sound of the keyboard playing and the voices praying around me.   As the throne room of God
receded, I heard the Father and Jesus said to me together,  "You can come here as often as you want" - Robbie

December 13, 2002

As we were praising  Pastor Sharon was talking about going through the gates and only the spirit man can enter, the flesh must stay behind.  I felt that I went through the gates into a big room as I stood inside (near the back of the room) I lifted my arms and I felt as if the whole upper part of
my body had become a bowl and it was full of fire. As long as my arms were lifted the fire was there but if I dropped them the fire was gone and the flesh was there but when I lifted them again the flesh was gone and I was in the spirit.  My arms kept getting tired and going down and I asked
why.  I felt like God was saying that exercising (using) those spiritual muscles (just like in the physical ones) was the only way to be able to stay in his presence.  I stood for a long time and when my arms were up I was burning but when they went down I wasn’t.  Then I stopped burning
and I could see that the whole inside of the bowl was a multi-colored enamel pattern and then all types of fruit began to grow out of the bowl. As all of this was happening I felt pressure or weight on my chest (a good one, not bad) and I still feel it 1 hour later.  I know I am changed! - Becky

"I had stepped into an infinite space without actual floor ..."
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