Wellspring Church of All Nations
Pastor Sharon H Stover, R.N., D.Min., Th.D., Ph.D.
Pastor Sharon Stover, R.N., D.Min.,Th.D.,Ph.D.
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Thank you for visiting my site! 

It is my prayer that, as you browse these pages, you will be drawn into a deeper relationship with Jesus, the Lord of Glory.

May the Holy Spirit touch your heart through the testimonies, teaching and materials offered here. 

Come on in and have your faith challenged, your heart encouraged, your mind stimulated, your life called higher in the things of God.

Learn how to be set free from demonic spirits that work through the Ouija Board. Just click here to begin your journey.

Or, click here to watch Sharon minister on Pentecost at the 2006 Full Gospel Fellowship Regional Convention.

The Word of Faith In The Spirit of Power
Pastor Sharon at the Full Gospel Fellowship
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