Speaking the prophetic Word of God to the Body of Christ ...
The Prophetic Word
Speaking the prophetic Word of God to the Body of Christ, Dr. Sharon Stover ministers the love and manifold grace of God for the deliverance, healing, and restoration of the whole man. Word of Wisdom and Word of Knowledge are active in her ministry and many have been delivered and healed of deep emotional wounds and physical illness by the out-working of the Holy Spirit.

She has been preaching and teaching the anointed Word of God since 1975 when the Lord called her to "feed My sheep."

In recognition of the call of God on her life, she was Licensed in 1985 and Ordained in 1986 by her Pastor, Dr. William (Bill) M. Sharp. Her ministry carries a heavy weighting of the Wisdom of God for daily application. She served on the teaching staff of Nevada Bible College and the Wellspring Bible Institute, is the former Director of the Las Vegas Crisis Center and is a Registered Nurse with extensive Psychiatric and Social Service experience. She has a Master of Divinity degree and a Doctor of Ministry from Logos Bible College.

Sharon is Co-Pastor of Wellspring Church of All Nations (WeCAN) in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she shares the pulpit with her husband George.

You are special to God and special to Me.
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