I see a cloud the size of a mans hand

It's beginning to rain the rain of the Holy Ghost

Former & Latter Rain
Rain, rain and more rain is falling; both the former and the latter rain are falling together! There is such excitement in the air! The Holy Spirit, Himself, is pouring out this blessing from the heart of God to touch the nations with the hope and expectation of the good things to come. Even in this hour the Lord is preparing vessels to pour out this blessing of the love of God upon the peoples. The Church is being prepared to participate in the greatest healing revival ever seen since Jesus made the lame to walk and the blind to see, the dumb to speak and those bound in darkness to see the light of the glory of God.

Be loosed, O daughter of Zion! Recognize your King is coming to you. Shake the dust off and put on the beautiful garment of praise. God is enlarging your steps under you, as you walk His path it shall open up before you all glorious. Signs and wonders will follow the Word of God.

Fear not, for the Lord has ordained you to life, eternal and abundant! You shall do the "greater works" for there is a great harvest to be reaped for God and many miracles already prepared for the people.


Rain Watch
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