Pastor Louis A. Grillo, Th.M.S., D.Ed.Dr. Sharon H. Stover, R.N., D.Min., Th.D., Ph.D.Dr. George M. Stover Jr., D. Min., Th. D., Ph.D.
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Serving The Body of Christ Since 1990

W.B.I. was birthed in the spirit of Pastor George Stover and brought into being by the vision given to Associate Pastor Lou Grillo by the Holy Spirit. This School of the Word and Spirit came into being in obedience to the supernatural mandate of God.

Our Pledge and Privilege

We pledge to seek and worship the One true God in spirit and in truth, to study to show ourselves approved, and to maintain a life of holiness that will honor our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. This we pledge that we might have the privilege of rightly dividing the Word of God to those who seek to know Him.

We Depend Upon the Holy Spirit

Though our courses challenge and enhance the intellect, we depend upon the Holy Spirit to impart life and depth at every level of impartation. If the man of the spirit, as well as the soul of his being, are not drawn to the Master, our calling is not fulfilled.

Message from the President

There is great expectancy in the air! The Church is hearing the battle call of her Beloved Commander in chief. God is on the move! There is a great stirring in the hearts of the redeemed as God is speaking to His Church in this time of heated battle and swift acts. There never has been a time in which it was more crucial to be firmly grounded in the Truth of the Scriptures. Intensive study of the Word is vital to be able to separate "the good from the vile." Remember, " My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

Wellspring Bible Institute is a Full Gospel, Bible based, Institute of learning that includes a daytime and an evening schedule of classes. We have deliberately structured the schedule in this way so that working people can take advantage of this exceptional learning opportunity.

Our programs are designed to meet the manifold needs of our students, such as:

  • Those in the local assembly as well as those who sense "a call into the ministry" and recognize the need for serious preparation.
  • A program for those who wish to continue their education in the Word of God and receive certificates for their effort. We offer three Certified levels of achievement:
    • Christian Education
    • Ministerial Theology
    • Advanced Theology
  • A program for graduates of Bible schools, colleges, and seminaries who want to keep current on what God is saying and doing in these exciting last days in which we are living.
    • A.C.S.I. (Association of Christian Schools International) provider of C.E.U.'s (Continuing Education Units) in the area of Bible Studies.  Click Here 

    • Under graduate, and graduate work through Ph.D.
      • Articulation agreement with Logos Christian College and Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida.
      • Extension of Southern Bible Institute & Seminary in Augusta, Georgia (Southern Baptist Convention).

      Pastor George M. Stover Jr., D. Min., Th. D., Ph.D.

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