A.C.S.I. - Association of Christian Schools International
Wellspring Bible Institute is an Association of Christian Schools International (A.S.C.I.) Provider of Continuing Education Units (C.E.U.'s) in the area of Bible Studies.
Teachers in Christian Schools can now attend special weekend seminars (Usually, held on Saturday's) in Las Vegas, Nevada, that will satisfy their requirement of taking C.E.U.'s in Bible Studies.

The Seminars are conducted by the Reverend Louis A. Grillo, Th.M.S., Education Dean of Wellspring Bible Institute, Las Vegas, Nevada.

For more information:

Call - (702) 631-5027
FAX - (702 647-5479
Email - wbi@cfaith.com

Phone: 702 631-5027
Fax:702 647-5479
Email: WBI@CFaith.com
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