Courses Offered
Courses Offered This Trimester:

Old Testament Survey 1st Year

  • Leviticus - Deuteronomy
Old Testament Survey 2nd Year
  • Ezra - Job
A summarization of the books of the Old Testament in a comparative study. Emphasis is placed on authorship, historical setting, themes and the major contributions of each book. This course is broken into three years:
  • Genesis thru First Samuel is studied the first year.
  • Second Samuel thru Song of Solomon is studied the second year.
  • The Prophetical Books are studied the third year.
New Creation Truths

In depth study of the great truths of the new birth.

Prayer Development

A detailed study of the believer's privilege, authority and responsibility to pray effectually. Consideration is given to intercessory prayer for leaders, the nations, and the body of Christ. Various ways of praying such as spiritual warfare, group praying, and persevering in prayer are covered.

Foundational Truths

A course designed to establish the student in the basic foundations of Christian faith and practice.

Listen to "Foundational Truths" 01 Lesson 01 . If you are interested in completing this class contact our office at

Ministry of  The Holy Spirit

This course deals with the function of the Holy Spirit in the believer and in the church today. Attention is placed on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the operation of the nine gifts of the Spirit in the local church.

Faith In Operation

New Testament Scriptures pertaining to faith are studied. Students will learn how faith works and will examine instances of faith in action. Particular emphasis is placed on the lives of Bible personalities and how faith played a part in their lives.

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Missionary Juanita LaRay Williams with Robbie Gutierrez
Above: Missionary Juanita Williams with graduate Rev. Robbie Gutierrez.
Below: Class of 2005-2006
Class of 2005-2006
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