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The Ministry of The Holy Spirit
             by Dr. Sharon H. Stover, R.N., D.Min., Th.D., Ph.D.
This class includes three nine lesson sections. Therefore the entire class will have 27 lessons. Each of the three sections will have a different required reading assignment.
Rev. Dr. Sharon H. Stover, R.N., D.Min, D.Th., Ph.D.
About The Author 
Doctor Sharon Stover of Wellspring Ministries in Las Vegas, Nevada is the author of the Ministry of the Holy Spirit 101-103. Doctor Sharon is Co-Founder and Co-Pastor of Wellspring Ministries. She has earned a Bachelor of Theology Degree from Sweetwater Bible College in Glendale, Arizona. Doctor Stover has also earned a Master of Divinity Degree, and a Doctor of Divinity from Logos Bible College and Graduate School in Jacksonville, Florida. She also has earned her Doctor of Theology and her Doctor of Philosophy from Southern Bible Seminary and Graduate School in Augusta, Georgia.

Pastor Sharon Stover is an anointed preacher of the Word of God. Word of Wisdom and Word of Knowledge are often manifested in her meetings. She has ministered in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Jamaica, Turkey, Guatamala, and Nigeria as well as many cities in the United States. 

Pastor Sharon Stover is the instructor for Ministry of The Holy Spirit. She can be reached by e-mail at

Course Goals
The purpose of the Holy Spirit 101-3 class is to introduce the believer to the ministry of God the Holy Spirit. The role of the Holy Spirit to the Church today will be emphasized. Other important topics include: the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the fruit of the Holy Spirit and various other important truths.

This class is divided into three major units:

  • Unit One - The Ministry of the Holy Spirit 101.
  • Unit Two -  The Ministry of the Holy Spirit 102.
  • Unit Three - The Ministry of the Holy Spirit 103.
Each unit has its own required reading. The student will receive a grade for each unit. The units must be taken in sequential order.

Required Text and Assignment 
All textbooks for Wellspring Bible Institute(W.B.I.) classes may be purchased by going to the "Wellspring Bible and Bookstore". W.B.I. students are entitled to a 5% discount.

Click the "Products" bar and then "Correspondence Classes" or "Text Books". You may place your order there.

The textbook for "The Ministry of the Holy Spirit 101" is: THE SPIRIT HIMSELF BY RALPH M.RIGGS. GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE, SPRINGFIELD, MO 65802-1894, COPYRIGHT 1977. 

Each student will have to read 3-4 chapters a week to complete the book in eight weeks. A five page Book Report will be due on week nine. A summary of the book and what each student got out of it. Reading the book weekly will keep the student up to date with the class material in their foundation and understanding. 

Studying The Lesson
Each lesson will consist of a handout and a narrative. Students are to print out the lesson handout and use it as a review sheet. Students are to open the lesson narrative and thoroughly study the lesson content. The lesson handout will always appear before the lesson narrative. Make sure that you study the Handout Sheet and the Class Notes (Narrative) in preparation for the Worksheet (Quiz).There is no handout for lesson nine.

Test Information
There will be a work sheet (quiz) for each of the first eight lessons. These work sheets (quizzes) will be emailed to the student along with the study materials. Quizzes are to be taken under strict test conditions. No notes of any type are to be used while taking the quiz. Remember this is between you and God the Holy Spirit. Each quiz will be returned via email for grading. There is no quiz for lesson nine. The Final Exam will include material from all nine lessons.

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