Frequently Asked Questions
Table of Contents
  1. Are the classes accredited?
  2. Is there student housing on the campus grounds?
  3. Are there scholarships available?
  4. What schools are Wellspring Bible Institute affiliated with?
  5. Who do I contact if I desire more information?
  6. What are the starting dates for the next few trimesters?
  7. What are the requirements for admission?
  8. Financial Information
  9. Tuition
  10. Notes
  11. Books
  12. Refund Policy
Are the classes accredited?
  • There are three learning trac's for the student to consider:
    • Certificate program:
      • Non-accredited Three Year program
    • C.E.U.'s:
      • Continuing education units for Christian Teachers may be earned through our Bible School. We are an associate member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).
    • Degree programs:
      • Bachelor's through Ph.D. programs are available through the following institutions.
        • Logos Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida
        • Southern Bible Institute & Seminary in Augusta, Georgia. National accreditation through NAACS.
Is there student housing on the campus grounds?
  • There are no provisions for housing on the property. Students are expected to find their own housing and transportation.
Are there scholarships available?
  • Scholarships are given under certain conditions. Each request is reviewed by the Dean of Admissions and must be approved by the Board of Regents.
What schools are Wellspring Bible Institute affiliated with?
  • Southern Bible Institute & Seminary, Thomson, Georgia
  • Logos Christian College, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Sweetwater Bible College, Glendale, Arizona
  • Hayward Bible Institute, Hayward, California
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Who do I contact if I desire more information?

What are the starting dates for the next few trimesters?
  •  January 10, 11, & 13, 2005
  •  March 28, 29, & 31, 2005
  • September 12, 13, & 14, 2005 
What are the requirements for admission?
  • Each applicant must be a born-again Christian. He/She should have an approved Christian character and show a willingness to do all the work required as well as submit cheerfully to the discipline and regulations of Wellspring Bible Institute. Completed application forms must include:
  • a recent photograph
  • brief history of salvation
  • proper references by pastor
  • non-refundable application fee
  • brief description of the educational goals of the student
  • a resume and transcripts from any institutions of higher learning
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Financial Information

  • Students agree to pay accounts in advance at the beginning of each trimester.
  • Application Fee (non-refundable), must accompany application:
  • Non-accredited program:
    •  $ 25.00 once per school year
  • Accredited program: 
    • Call the office and speak with Dr. Sharon Stover at 702 631-5027
  • Non-accredited program:
    • The cost of tuition is $ 50.00 per class per trimester
  • Accredited program:
  • The Administration of W.B.I. discourages any student who is working a full time job from taking six classes in a trimester.
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  • The King James Bible / Amplified Bible parallel edition is the standard text for all classes. Students will be required to have a Strong's Concordance and to purchase all outside required texts for the classes that are taken. All Bibles, concordances and required reading texts can be purchased at the Wellspring Bible and Book Store at discount prices.
Refund Policy
  • Up to and including 10% class time:90%
  • Up to and including 25% class time:75%
  • Up to and including 50% class time:50%
  • More than 50% of class time:No Refund
Attendance time is the time between the scheduled starting date of the first class and the date in which the student formally cancels his enrollment whether or not the student actually attends classes.
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