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When the Blood flowed at the Altar


After a couple of services wherein the Presence of God was extremely strong one of our members, Louise Lupoli, came to me and shared an experience that she had during our worship time.

She said that she had smelled blood. Her first thought was that she had started her period but realized that this was not the case. There were no other women near her and she became aware that the smell was quite different and that of fresh blood. She sensed the presence of the Lord very strongly and thought to ask Him what she was smelling. He said, in her spirit, "It is the blood." She was unsure what He meant and asked the Lord to repeat what He had said. He said, "The Blood is here and you are able to smell it in the spirit." It was then she came and told me about her experience and asked me to seek the Lord concerning it’s implication.

My wife, Sharon, and I had returned home after the service when the phone rang. Louise was really excited and said that the Lord began to speak with her as she drove home. She told me that He had told her that He was giving the church a visitation of the blood and, if welcomed, there would be a great work done. We spoke some about her conversation with the Lord after which she asked me to pray and see if I would receive a witness in my spirit.

We spoke again on Friday and she said that she had a dream in which she saw that God would cause a pool of blood to appear at the altar and that I was to take off my shoes and walk into it. She said she saw me standing in the pool of blood and beckoning others to come in. As they entered they would be healed, they would confess sin and repent, and that He would manifest Himself to them and that they would never be the same.

The next day, Saturday, was our scheduled staff meeting. As we met together I shared what Louise had seen and told me of. I asked everyone to go into the sanctuary with me where we would remove our shoes, approach the altar and see what might happen.

As I sat down to remove my shoes I observed some of the others walk into the area in front of the altar. They began to fall or kneel as they were encompassed by a strong presence of the Holy Spirit. One sister, Dodie Duran, began to make motions as though she were scooping water toward here ankles and feet. She later testified that she could see the pool of blood and that she could feel it move as she bathed her legs and feet. She was totally healed of an ankle injury as she sat in the pool with tears flowing down her cheeks.

Sharon had collapsed and had her head resting on one of the altar steps. Her body was moving as though being washed by waves and she, too, was crying. I got up from my seat and began to walk into the area in front of the altar. As I stepped into that area I felt as though I was wading in a warm pool. I could see the ripples in the pool and could see Robbie Gutierrez, the church secretary, lying in the pool and also moving as they lapped against her.

Pastor Lou was kneeling at the altar praying.

The Lord spoke to me and said, "Come up on the altar." I hesitated a moment and He spoke the same words again. I turned and went up the two steps and across the altar area. Suddenly I fell like a fallen tree and landed on my back. As I lay there my mind was trying to grasp what was happening. It was as though I was at the bottom of a pool and looking up toward the surface. I could see what appeared to be a large rain drop hit the surface and send ripples outward. It occurred again and I became aware of the source of the drops that fell. I could see Jesus hanging on a tree, His feet nailed to its trunk. From His feet fell drops of blood that formed the pool in which I lay. The blood on the altar flowed down the steps and formed a pool below. I just laid there and watched the drops fall and the ripples go out. I thought, what is this all about? I wondered if I should stay there or try to get up. I couldn’t move so I just laid there for what seemed to be a short period of time.

Again, the Lord began to speak to me. He said, "You were born a bastard and you have lived as a bastard. As a Christian you have also lived as a bastard. He began to speak to me about how I had left my pastor against his wishes. How, though I had completely justified my leaving and thought it completely right, it was wrong in His eyes. He explained how that although my pastor, Bill Sharp, had agreed that I should leave and had blessed my wife and I and sent us out in front of the people it was still wrong. He showed me how many times Christians do what is technically "right" but are wrong. He said that it is not an issue of right or wrong but of obedience to His ways rather than our own. I had abandoned my father in the faith and so walked out of familial relationship with him and with God. Though the Lord had worked with me and, to a certain degree, blessed me, I was still struggling from a position of illegitimacy. I was living outside the full provision of God as Father. The revelation of it broke over me and brought about great repentance and tears flowed down the sides of my face.

The Lord then spoke again and said, "You are no longer illegitimate. You are now My son. The name I gave you no longer applies" (The Lord had given me a new name in 1975. I had thought I understood the name He had given me but now the full import of it’s meaning finally became clear}. He said, "I now call you ........[name withheld]. You will now come in to the fulness of My plan and purpose for your life and I will bless you and the ministry to which I have called you."

My shame was lifted as the love of God flowed over, and through me. How abundant His mercy and grace.

After a what seemed only a short time I arose and began to watch the others that were still in the pool of blood. Dodie had moved over to where Sharon was and was washing her feet with the blood of the Lamb. Sharon was crying and rocking with the lapping of the ripples caused by Dodie and Robbie. Robbie was crying, praising God and moving her arms and hands as though in fluid. Lou was still kneeling at the altar. I went and sat by Sharon for a moment or two and looked at my watch. We had been there for two and one-half hours!

I later called my pastor on the phone to relate what had happened and to ask forgiveness. He was most gracious and told me that he had just mentioned and written my name only two days before. He was making his wishes known for his funeral and had told his wife, Nancy, that he wanted me to eulogize him. He had told her that I was the only man he knew that would tell the truth about who he really is. God truly blessed me that day. We have been renewing relationship ever since.

Each day we would go to the altar and the manifestation was still there and the presence of God was extremely heavy. We could not wait to spend time in His embrace.

The following Sunday evening the blood appeared at the altar again. I removed my shoes and called the congregation to come and enter in. Many came forward and were met with the manifestation as were the original staff members. There was great repentance and forgiveness flowed freely. Interestingly, there were those who acted very badly and would not come and enter in. They refused to even come to the altar to see if God would meet them. I was amazed by the hardness of heart that was displayed. Some were even verbal in their refusal to yield to my request to enter in and even acted like children throwing a temper tantrum. Several people became divisive and left the church shortly after this move of God. Others continued to experience the smell of blood, some smelled the fragrance of the Lord, saw angels, or experienced other manifestations.

Sharon and I were scheduled to go to Puebla, Mexico shortly afterward and were excited to have this same manifestation meet us at the altar of one of the churches we ministered in the last Sunday there. Many were healed of sickness and injuries, relieved of tormenting spirits and of depression and hopelessness. There was much dancing as many broke free of all manner of hindrances. Joy swept through the sanctuary and many broke into laughter. The altar was filled with those who were slain in the spirit. What a glorious time it was.

The awesome sense of God ’s unique visitation lingered at Wellspring’s altar for over a month after we returned home as the manifestation of the blood diminished and then ceased to occur .


The Blood on the Altar

8/6/98 Thursday evening Ray Brooks ministered and I was so touched by God that when I fell in the Spirit, it seemed as though my legs from below the knee sunk into the floor, as I went straight down. I remained in His Presence for some time.

8/7/98 Friday evening (first evening of the Missions Conference) Juanita Williams ministered and I laid on the floor in His Presence for about an hour. For me there was an overwhelming flow of His love; it came in waves and I wept for the joy of it.

The Missions Conference brought about weeping and travailing for lost humanity that touched nearly all that were present and during nearly every session.

8/20/98 Thursday evening Pastor George Stover ministered with power and there was a strong

sense of God’s presence.

8/22/98 Saturday morning staff meeting, Pastor George related Louise Lupoli’s sense of smelling the Blood at the altar. The staff entered the sanctuary and as I walked toward the altar, I become overwhelmed by that which flowed off the altar being the Blood of Jesus and began to weep. As we prayed there together, I dropped to the floor as did many other staff members and we were before the Lord for about two hours.

During that time, I saw in the Spirit, the pool of Blood on the altar and riverlets of it flowing down the steps and pooling around the area in front of the altar up to the red chairs. It seemed to lap to and fro as a gentle ocean will do, somehow contained as it went no further. As I lay there, the Blood lapped and receded against my body very gently like a soft breeze.

Over the pool of Blood on the altar and yet somehow in the pool, I envisioned the cross, which appeared as rugged wood, and the feet of Jesus nailed on that cross with drops of blood falling off of His feet into the pool, thus creating the flow and pool. It never ended, the supply went on and on. I saw this several times over the next two months when we would go into the sanctuary to pray - the never ending flow of His Blood.

I was acutely aware of the cleansing that the Blood produces and felt that I was experiencing just such a cleansing in body, mind and soul. Specifically, I felt convicted because I realized that I had not ministered in songs about the Blood for a long time. I had not made a decision to avoid these songs, but unconsciously had passed over them when preparing for ministry in song. I began to bring Blood songs often and regularly after that.

The other specific thing I sensed was the Lord revealing uncleanness in the Body of Christ and that certain steps needed to be taken to rid ourselves of "Achan’s sin" as it were, and that the convicting, cleansing Blood would take care of it if we yielded. The conviction would come, but the healing would be in the receiving of the Blood itself.

8/23/98 Sunday services proved that the Blood was still on the Altar.

8/25/98 Tuesday, as I prayed at 5:00pm, I felt that Jesus was pouring His Blood over my body and into my heart for healing in body and emotions. On this day and on those that followed, I had a sense of cleansing by weeping which came at each entrance into the Blood on the altar. This weeping was also released as a means of thanksgiving for what He was doing in me during these times of intimacy.

8/26/98 Wednesday, during 5:00pm prayer, Jesus spoke of the lack of loyalty and obedience in the Body of Christ. It caused me great grief and my tears flowed as I was convicted personally as well as corporately. Afterward His Blood soothed away all anguish.

8/27/98 Thursday evening prayer before service, as I lay on the floor the red chairs that circle the altar area appeared to me as the protective covering of His Blood. We are immersed, covered on all sides.

8/28/98 Friday at 5:00pm prayer I realized that we never laid prostrate before Him as much as we were doing at this time. Some people who don’t usually come to Prayer with Pastors were coming in to pray. I felt compelled, not forced, to lay face down before Him.

8/29/98 Saturday I felt that water baptism should follow the pool of Blood and should occur with Jubilee at the beginning of October. The message of the Blood at the Altar should be taught at all ministry levels (TV, radio, Bible studies, pulpit, etc.) as well as the account of this should be published. There can be no Jubilee for the individual or the church without the forgiveness in the Blood. The redeeming Blood of Jesus ushers in Jubilee.

9/2/98 Wednesday at 5:00pm prayer I saw Jesus holding a ladle in each hand, dipping and pouring equally the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the forgiveness in His Blood. The conviction was held in His left hand and the forgiveness was held in His right hand of His Authority. The right hand of authority soothed the left hand of conviction.

9/13/98 Sunday before going to church, God spoke that we are co-laborers in prayer with the Holy Spirit, and this is how God moves.

9/26/98 Saturday, I saw the Blood flowing to cleanse the nation beginning at Washington DC., and washing across the United States from East to West.

9/27/98 Sunday before going to church, I saw the Church as the "City set on the Hill" and she as the Bride will be revealed or presented to the New City of Jerusalem when the skies are rolled back, and they shall become as one city.

10/13/98 Tuesday in 5:00pm prayer, it had been evident that the Blood manifestation was receding, but also that a healing oil was now flowing.

Since the Blood appeared, I had lain prostrate in prayer although in great pain and with difficulty in getting up due to continual pain that had been in my entire body for many years, as though my very bones themselves ached continuously.

Today as I prayed, I actually saw and felt the warm healing oil of Jesus as He rubbed it on my arms and legs and submerged me in it like a restful bath. When I got up from the floor, where I had lain before Him, I rose without any pain and have not had that pain since. The warm oil of His Presence lasted into the night as I slept rested without any pain medication.

10/14/98 Wednesday in 5:00pm prayer it seemed that God said to me that everything needed is in the house, which is the people, who are being refined as pure gold. First comes the washing of the Word, then the cleansing in the Blood. Afterward the healing oil is applied, then His glory is shown forth. A royal estate of supernatural provision from sources unknown to man will appear as pure gold.

10/15/98 Thursday in 5:00pm prayer the Lord gave me the following in song:

The blind will see, the lame shall walk

The downtrodden will leap with joy

You will lead the enemy captive

Before those you have set free

When You come

Your victory banner flies high

To be seen by every eye

We will celebrate your victory

with dance and song

When You come

6/16/99 I sense that the healing oil is still flowing from the altar area like a bubbling fount, overflowing and rolling down the steps of the altar.

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