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Updated: July 12, 2010
Below are ministries that you can trust. Ministries that have ministered to our congregation and will bring the blessing of God to your people as well:   Bible Jim Webber  Dr. Don Arnold   Deontia Atkinson   Todd Bailey     Ray Brooks    Juanita Canvesion     R.G. Dunbar   
 Full Gospel Fellowship   Tom Griner   David & Lorna Joannes   Evelyn Komuntale    Boma Lawson
 Dr. Stanford E. Linzey    Logos Bible College  Marty Tharp Family Ministries  Ed & Julie Norman    Arthur & Flower Peter   Treasure  (Joy, Jim, Lori & Rico)    T. Wayne Parks   Las Vegas REVIVAL Center
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Dr. Bill (William Martin) Sharp
Ordaining Pastor of Drs. George & Sharon Stover
Dr. Bill & Nancy Sharp
The Word is Sharp Ministries * New Smyrna Beach, FL
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Dr. Don Arnold
A Spiritual Father to Pastors around the globe
Past President (served 18 years)
Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches & Ministers International
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Marty and Sharon Tharp in Ireland
Marty and Sharon Tharp and Miranda
Missionaries to the British Isles
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Dr. Dan Carlin
Dr. Dan & Fran Carlin
Pastor Dan & Fran Carlin
Word Christian Fellowship
Casper, Wyoming
Visit this website:

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Reverend Kenny Corona

Youth Director - Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches & Ministers International
National Board - Southwest Region * San Bernardino, CA
Call: 702.631-5027 or Kenny
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In Loving Memory of Vernice Dunbar
Dr. R.G. Dunbar

Vern and R. G. Dunbar - Founding Pastors of Lighthouse Temple
Lighthouse Temple
Colorado Springs, CO
Visit this wonderful ministry    or contact them via email
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Pastor Kenneth Harbaum
Kenneth & Angel Harbaum
A Pastor's Pastor  
Nancy Harmon
Nancy Harmon and the Mighty Warriors
click on the picture to visit her website
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Pastor Deontia & Seneca Atkinson
New Bethany Family Worship Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
Shepherds with Integrity
This couple will bless you!
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Visit their website at
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Todd Bailey
Click on picture to go to Todd Bailey Ministries web site.
Evangelist / Missionary

Ray Brooks
Healing and Deliverance Missionary Evangelist
Internationally acclaimed for his Deliverance and Healing Ministry.Ray and Jackie Brooks with their precious family.
Contact Ray & Jackie at:
Visit their web site @:

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Juanita Canavesio
Go Tell Ministries, Inc.
Traveling Evangelist * You must have this woman of God in your church!

Father's Heart Africa
Dr. Tommy Griner
Dr. Tom Griner - Crusade in the Congo
Learn more about this dynamic ministry    Contact Tom

Jim Webber
Jim Webber on the Strip
On The Street & In Your Face
"Teaching the Church how to Reach the Lost"

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Jesus loves you! - and So do We!IN MEMORY OFJesus loves you! - and So do We!

Charles & Frances Hunter
Powerful! Loving! Anointed!
Click Here to go to Charles & Frances Hunter's Web site.Pastors George & Sharon with Frances and Charles Hunter - March 2000
Jesus loves you! - and So do We!"The Happy Hunters"Jesus loves you! - and So do We!

No one loves you to the degree that God loves you. He gave His best - He gave His Only Begotten Son.
Missionaries to China
David and Lorna Joannes
Within Reach Global
Contact David & Lorna

No one loves you to the degree that God loves you. He gave His best - He gave His Only Begotten Son.
Missionaries to the Philippines

Contact Arthur & Flower Peter through their site at: Touching The Nations

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No one loves you to the degree that God loves you. He gave His best - He gave His Only Begotten Son.
Rev. Bishop Dr. Boma Lawson
Rev. Dr. Boma Lawson
Calvary Temple International Church (Potters House)- Port Harcourt, Nigeria  or
Visit Dr. Lawson @ his website
No one loves you to the degree that God loves you. He gave His best - He gave His Only Begotten Son.

Dr. Stanford. E. Linzey Jr.
Evangelist Dr. Stanford E. Linzey Jr.
Ever ready to introduce the Holy Ghost!
No one loves you to the degree that God loves you. He gave His best - He gave His Only Begotten Son.
Dr. Wayne Parks
Full Gospel Temple
Fort Lauderdale
Pastors George and Sharon with Dr. Wayne Parks after ministering in his church in Florida. November, 1999

Pastors George & Sharon Stover with Dr. Wayne T. Parks
Contact Dr. Parks at

Evie Komuntale
Out Reach Africa Mission

Contact Evie at
Visit the Outreach Africa Mission website at:
Click here to go to the Treasure Homepage. Joy, Lori & Jim
Treasure is one of the finest ministry groups available today. They have tremendous talent, the highest integrity, and are moving in an awsome anointing that heals, delivers, restores and refreshes. Visit their website or, better yet, contact them for a meeting in your church or event.

Order their newest Album - Click Here

visit their web site @

Ed & Julie Norman
CLICK HERE to go to Ed & Julie's web site. They are two of God's finest. They will bless you and your church!
You may reach them at or visit them at

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The following are Links to some of our favorite Ministry sites and to information that we believe will be helpful to you.
Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches & Ministers, International - "The Fellowship Today" 

"The Fellowship" Missions Department     Reinhard Bonnke        Ray Brooks    Chase & Company  Kenneth Copeland Ministries   Las Vegas REVIVAL Center  Goshen   Tim Greenwood Ministries   Ed & Julie Norman    O.R.U.    Revival Glory 

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