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Updated: May 01, 2014


Sunday Morning:
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November 10: "The Walk of a Warrior" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)  November 03: "Don't Be Ignorant" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   October 27: "Covenant Commitment" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   October 13: "Releasing the Blessing" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   October 06: "Blessing & Favor" Part Three (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   September 29: "Blessing & Favor" Part Two (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   September 22: "Changing Your World" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    September 8: "A World Full of Orphans (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    August 25: "From Glory to Glory" Part One (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    August 18: "The Blood Speaks" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)     August 04: "Transformation" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)      July 28: "Relationships" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)      July 07: "Making Melody in Your Heart" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    June 23: "Consider Your Ways" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    May 26: "Build A Memorial" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   April 28: "The Sower & The Seed" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)     April 14: "Iron Sharpens Iron" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    April 07: "Strongholds in the Mind" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   March 24: "Hosanna!" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   March 10: "Can I Have A Witness?"  (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)  (youtube)     March 03: "Your Father God"  (.mp3 audio)   January 27: "Faith for Finances"  (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   January 13:"Gates To The City"  (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)

Sunday Evening:
2013 - THE AWAKENING - Rekindling the Flame:

Last Sunday -
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November 10: Worship- George & Guiter (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)  October 13: "A Fatherly Talk" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   October 06: "Fearless Living" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   September 15: "Which Side Are You On?" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   August 25: "From Glory to Glory" Part Two (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   July 21  "Whom Have I?" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube   June 09:  "A Cause" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   May 12:  "Calling" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)     April 14: "Victory"  (.mp3 audio)   April 07: The Word is Supreme  (.mp3 audio)  (youtube)   March 17 "Cape Disappointment" (.mp3 audio)  (youtube)    March 10 "You Are Wonderful" (.mp3 audio)  (youtube)   January 13 "Healing Jesus" (.mp3 audio)  (youtube)   January 6:  "Come Lord Jesus" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)  (youtube)

Wednesday Evening: 2013:  October 10: "Containers" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)

October 10: "Containers" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   October 02: "Fear Not" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   September 18: "The Living Word" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   September 8: "5774 - A Prophetic Look Ahead" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   August 21: "Psalm 91 - The Shadow Place" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   July 31:  "Confession Is Your Profession" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   June 05:  "Staying In The Spirit" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)     May 22:  "Let Go & Let God" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    May 15:  Pastor at Lamb of God Church - Ft. Worth, TX (.mp3 audio)   May 08 :  "Meditations of the Heart" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)  April 12: "In Whom is the Spirit of God"  (.mp3 audio)  (youtube)    April 24:  "Servants & Heirs" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    April 10:  "God is Holy - Be ye Holy" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    "The Godhead" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    February 13:  "Red Heifer & the Bridge to Calvary's Tree" (.mp3 audio)    (.rm video)  (youtube)    January 30:  "You Reap What You Sow" (.mp3 audio)    (.rm video)  (youtube)    January 16:  "Pillar & Ground of The Truth" (.mp3 audio)    (.rm video)  (youtube)   January 2:  "Hind1s Feet in High Places" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)


Sunday Morning: 2012: December 30:  "2013 - Looking Ahead"  (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)

December 23:  Christmas - "The Gas Station Story"  (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   December 09:  "Hindrances to Faith"  (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   December 02:  "Spirit of Faith" - Part III  (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   November 25:  "Thou Art Worthy"  (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   November 11:  "Now What?"  (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   October 28:  "Spirit of Faith" Part II  (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)    October 14:  "Laws of Increase"  (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)  October 07:  "Choose This Day . . ."  (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   September 16:  "The Spirit of Faith" Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   September 09:  "The Spirit of Adoption" Part Three (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (Youtube)    August 26:  "The Spirit of Adoption" Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   August 05:  "The Spirit in You" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)  Soaking: (.ra)  (.mp3)  (.rm)    (youtube)   July 22:  "Dark Knight Rising - The Joke is on You" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (Youtube) Soaking: (.ra)  (.mp3)  (.rm)    (youtube)   June 17:  "Father's Day" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (Youtube) Soaking: (.ra)  (.mp3)  (.rm)    (youtube)   May 27:  "Pentecost Sunday" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   Soaking: (.ra)  (.mp3)  (.rm)   May 20:  "A Thousand Times More" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   Soaking: (.ra)  (.mp3)  (.rm)   May 09:  "Chosen, Called & Faithful" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   Soaking: (.ra)  (.mp3)  (.rm)    April 18:  "The Way of A Leader" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   April 08:  "Resurrection Life" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   Soaking: (.ra)  (.mp3)  (.rm)  April 01:  "Two Ways - Foolish & Wise" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    March 04:  "A Dream, a Seed & a Covenant" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video not available)   Soaking: (.ra)  (.mp3)  (.rm)   February 26:  "The Royal Law of Love" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video not available)   Soaking: (.ra)  (.mp3)  (.rm)   February 12:  "Running With The Horses" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   Soaking: (.ra)  (.mp3)  (.rm)   February 05:  "Leading on Your Knees" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    January 22:  "Becoming A Leader" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   Worship (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   January 08:  "Living As God's Son" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    January 01:  "2012 - The Year of Government" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)

Sunday Evening:

2012: THE AWAKENING Last Sunday - December 30: "Amazing Grace" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)

December 23:  "My Soul Rejoices in Jesus" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   December 02:  "Children's Dance" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)      December 09:  "Almighty God" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   November 25:  "Thou Art Worthy" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   November 18:  "Thankyou Lord" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)     October 28:  "You Carry Me" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)    October 21:  "He Is God and God Alone" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)     October 14:  "In Jesus Name" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   October 07:  "All I Need Is You" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)  September 16 "Glory, Honor, and Praise" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)    September 09 "It's Not a Sacrifice to Praise You" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)    September 02 "Happy Day" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)    August 26 "No One Can Compare" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)    August 20 "The Father's Love" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   August 05: "The River of God"  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)   (youtube)   July 29: "Prepare The Way for His Glory"  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   July 22: "Light Come"  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   July 08: "Dancing In The Heavenlies"  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   July 01: "Jesus Is Everything"  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   June 17: "We Seek Your Face"  (   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)    May 30: "Praises To Our God"  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)  (youtube)  May 27 (.ra)  (.mp3)  (.rm)   May 13: (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   May 06: "Glory & Honor To The King" (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)  (youtube)    April 15: "Glorify His Name"  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)  (youtube)    April 08: "Build a Highway for The King"  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   April 01:  "El Gabbor - The Mighty God Man"  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)    March 04: "The Safe House"  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)   February 26:  "Jesus, The Bride & The Glory"  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)   February 19:  "Mercy Drops Falling"  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)    February 12:  "Let The River Flow"  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)    February 05: Prophetic Prayer & Worship Service PM "Shout of the King"  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)    January 22: Prophetic Prayer & Worship Service PM  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)    January 15: Prophetic Prayer & Worship Service  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)    January 08: Prophetic Prayer & Worship Service  (   (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)

Wednesday Evening: 

2012: December 19:  "Praying With Jesus" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)

December 05:  "The Mouse & The Elephant" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)  November 28:  "Let The River Flow" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)      November 05: "Let The River Flow" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)   (youtube)    October 17:  "Tongues" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   October 10:  "Up A Tree" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube) Prophetic word and song before the message: "It's Our Country - Take It Back!" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   September 19:  "Integrity - Salvation of a Nation" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   September 05:  "Contagious Faith" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   August 29:  "Spirit of Adoption" Part Two (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   August 15:  "The Four Laws of Increase" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   July 18:  "The Winds of The Spirit" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   (youtube)   July 11:  "Build Me An Altar" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   Soaking: (.ra)  (.mp3)  (.rm)   June 13:  "Integrity - Part Two" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   May 27:  "Pentecost Sunday" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   Soaking: (.ra)  (.mp3)  (.rm)   May 09:  "Chosen, Called & Faithful" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    April 04 -  "Road to Calvary" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    March 14 -  "God Sets in Place" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    March 07 -  "Can You Not Watch One Hour?" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    February 08 -  "Anyone" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    February 01 -  "Anointing" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    January 25 -  "Rejoice In The Lord" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   January 18 -  "Let The Winds Blow" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    January 04 -  "God of Demonstration" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)


Sunday Morning - 2011: 

December 11:  "A Day of Miracles" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   December 04:  "Respect the Holy Spirit" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   November 11:  "Integrity" Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    November 06:  "A Pure Bride" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   October 30:  "The Cross and Our Conscience" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   October 23:  "Pure Mind" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   October 16:  "Pure Life" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   August 14:  "Winning The Fight of Faith" Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   August 07: "Living in R.E.S.T." (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    July 31: "Living in Joy - No Matter What" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   July 24: "Walking In Him" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  July 17: "Alive In Him" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   July 03: "Finding Zaccheus" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   June 25: "The Gift In You" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   June 08: "Righteousness" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   May 15: "We're In This Together" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   May 08: "Fitted Together" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  May 01: "The Main Thing - Missions" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)April 24: "He Is Risen!" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   April 17: "The Price Paid" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   April 10: "Pursuing The Word" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   April 03: "Pursuing Christ" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   March 27: "Hope for the Future" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   March 20: "Hope for the Present" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   March 13: "Hope from the Past" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   March 06: "Matters of the Heart" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   February 27: "What's On Your Mind?" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   February 13: "Present Your Body" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   February 06: "Run Your Race" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    January 30: "One Quality Life" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   January 23: "Covenant Prayer" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   January 09: "Get Up!" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   January 02: "The Lord Has Anointed Me" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  

Sunday Evening: 


Last Sunday :  December 28:   "Worship In The Spirit" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video) 

December 18:   "Evangelism and the Holy Ghost" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)     December 07:   "Worship Fire" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video   December 04:   "Watch" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video   November 11:   "Integrity" Part Two (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    November 06:   "He Healed Them All" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)     October 23:   "Fourth Dimension" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)     October 23:   "Harnessing the River" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   October 16:   "Seven Mountains" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)     August 14:   "The Creative Power of Vision" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)     August 07:   "Three Levels of Excellence" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    July 31:   "Flowing in The River" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)      "Portals" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)

Wednesday Evening:


Last Wednesday Evening: December 07 - "Spirit Fire" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)

November 30 - "Souls" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    November 09 - "Mark 4" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   October 13 - Ezekiel 47 "River of God" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video - none available)   April 13 - One God in Three Persons "Holy Trinity" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   April 6 - Seek God for the City - "Love Revival" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   March 23 - "Seek God for the City" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   February 23 - "Hinds Feet" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   February 09 - "Integrity" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  February 02 - "Faith, Character & Integrity" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   January 26 - "Wings of God" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)


2010 Sunday Morning:

December 26: "A Prophetic Look At 2011" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   December 19: "Blood, Oil & Glory" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   December 12: "Run to Win!" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   December 05: "The Glory of Fathers" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   November 28: "Praise & Worship" (Part II) (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  November 21: "Praise & Worship" (Part I) (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   November 7: "God & Mammon" Part Two (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   October 31: "God & Mammon" Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   October 24: "Law of Thanksgiving" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   October 10:  "Laws of Harvest" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   October 3: "Three Laws of the Spirit" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   September 26: "Press In & Press On!" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   August 29: The Blessing of Abraham" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  August 15: "220 Power!" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)     August 8: "Grace to You" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  August 1: The Blessed Life V: "Need, Greed or Seed?" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   July 25: The Blessed Life IV: "Waste or Worship?" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   July 18: The Blessed Life III: "The spirit of Mammon" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   July 11: The Blessed Life II: "The Test" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   June 4: God Bless America (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)     June 27: The Blessed Life I: "A Matter of the Heart" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  June 20: "A Father's Blessing" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)      June 06: "Remember" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   May 30: "Building A Memorial" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  May 23: "Loyalty & Disloyalty" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  May 09: "Passion and Power" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  April 25: "Flourish" Part Three: Serve (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  April 18: "Flourish" Part Two: Grow (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  April 04: Resurrection Power (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  March 28: The Colt & The Horses (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  March 21: Flourish - Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  March 14: Ushering In The Glory (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  March 07: Seeking God for the City (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video) February 21: Missions & Ministry (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video) January 31: Prophetic Portals (Part Three) (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  January 24: Prophetic Portals (Part Two) (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   January 03: Prophetic Portals (Part One) (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)

2010 Philippine & Singapore Mission

February 17: Wednesday Missions Report (.rm video)  Missions Report with Video (.rm video)   February 10: Holy Church of Yaweh - Philippines (.rm video)  February 14: South Asian International Fellowship Report (.rm video)  February 10: Holy Church of Yaweh - Philippines (.rm video)   February 09:  Harvest Time Training Center Day Two - Philippines (.rm video)  February 08: Harvest Time Training Center Day One - Philippines (.rm video)  February 07: Living Way Fellowship - Philippines (.rm video)  Audio from Living Way February 07: Jesus Loves the City - Philippines (.rm video)  February 06: ABS Shabbat Service - Philippines (.rm video)  February 05: Tandang Sora Church - Philippines (.rm video)  Missions: Philippines (.rm video)  2010 Philippine Slide Show (.rm video)

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Philippine Missions Report: Missions & Ministry (.rm video)  Indiana Report: "Spying Out The Land" (.rm video)"

 Pastor George - Wednesday Evenings:  "Dogs & Hogs"  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  "Revival!"  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  "Psalm 89"  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (video not available)    "Faith in the Word of God"  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   "Debt - Financial Leprosy" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    "I Bow My Knees"  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   "DNA of Faith"  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    Psalm 91 "Revelation's Benefit"  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    Have Faith In God  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    Hear the Cry of the Nations  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   God Speak (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)

2010 Sunday Evening:

December 12: "Guidance" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)

October 24: "21st Psalm" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   October 10: "Law of Relationships" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video not available)   September 26 -"Leadership Qualities" (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)


The Book of Revelation: Part Twenty Nine - Part Four  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)

Part Twenty Eight - Chapter 6:9-11 - Part Three  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part Twenty Seven - Chapter 6 - Part Two  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twenty Six - Chapter 6 - Part One  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twenty Five - Chapter 5  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twenty Four - Chapter 4 "Prophetic Portal" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twenty Three - Chapter 4 "Prophetic Portal" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twenty Two - Chapter 4 "Prophetic Portal" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twenty One - The Seven Churches: Review and Conclusion (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twenty - The Church at Laodicea Part Two (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part Nineteen - The Church at Laodicea Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Eighteen - The Church at Philadelphia Part Two (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Seventeen - The Church at Philadelphia Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Sixteen - The Church at Sardis (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part Fifteen - The Church at Sardis (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)


2009: December 27: A Prophetic Look at 2010 and Beyond (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   December 20: Travels of A Wise Man (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   December 13: When You Pray (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   November 29: Hinderances To Prayer (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   November 22: In The Closet of Prayer (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   November 15: Prayer That Works: "The Prayer of Faith" (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm. video)  November 01: Prayer That Works: "Four Kinds of Prayer" (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm. video)  October 25:  Win, Connect, Train & Send (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm. video)  October 18:  I Am Not Ashamed: Not Ashamed of Your Calling (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm. video)  October 11:  I Am Not Ashamed: Not Ashamed of the Word (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm. video)   September 27:  I Am Not Ashamed: Two Sides to the Gospel (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm. video)   September 6:  The Reality of Faith (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm. video)  September 6:  Joy - No Matter What (.ra)  (mp3) (.rm. video)  espanol  August 30:  Put on Your New Garments (.ra)  (mp3) (.rm. video)  August 23:  Dead & Alive (.ra)  (mp3) (.rm. video)  August 16:  Three Essentials of Faith (.ra)  (mp3) (.rm. video)  August 9:  30 Days To Live: Legacy (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)   August 2:  30 Days To Live: Purpose (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)   July 26:  30 Days To Live: Relationships (.ra)   (mp3)  (no video .rm)  July 19:  Prophet Donald Walker in Ministry (see his page)  July 12:  30 Days To Live: Living With Passion (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)  Wilderness Walk (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)  July 5:  Breakthrough To Blessings VI: Blessed Family (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)June 21:  Breakthrough To Blessings V: God Can (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)  June 21:  Breakthrough To Blessings IV: Guidance & Direction (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)  June 14:  Breakthrough To Blessings III: Health & Healing (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)  June 07:  Breakthrough To Blessings II: Freedom & Deliverance (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)  May 31:  Breakthrough To Blessings: Household Salvation (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)  May 24:  Memorial Day Tribute (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)  May 17:  CUFI: Christians United For Israel (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)   May 10:  Delivered From The Lion: "The Armor" (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)  April 22:  Delivered From The Lion: Weapons of Our Warfare (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)  April 19:  Delivered From The Lion: Truth (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)   April 12:  Satan's Weapons  (mp3)  (.ra)  (video .rm)   April 05:  These Economic Times (.ra)  (mp3)  (video .rm)  March 29:  Day To Day (.ra)  (mp3) (video .rm)  March 22:  Messed Up  (mp3) (video) (mov)  March 15:  Male and Female  (mp3) (video) (m4v)  March 08 (Puebla, MX):  Know Your Company in The Family  (mp3) (video) (m4v)  March 01:  The Power of a Single Mind  (mp3)   (video)  February 22:  Survival In These Economic Times  (mp3)   (video)  February 15:  Choose You This Day . . .  (mp3)   (video)  February 08: So Great A Salvation Part Four - The Bread & the Cup  (no video)   February 01: So Great A Salvation Part Three - GPS  (video)   January 25: So Great A Salvation Part Two - Wake Up Time!  (video)   January 04: So Great A Salvation: Jesus, Our Savior  (video)


April 26:  River Flow (.ra)  (video .rm)

April 26:  Let The River Flow (.ra)  (.mp3)  (video .rm)


The Book of Revelation:

Part Fourteen - The Church at Thyatira (Part Two) (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Thirteen - The Church at Thyatira (Part One) (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twelve - The Church at Pergamos Part Two (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Eleven - The Church at Pergamos (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Ten - The Church at Smyrna (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Nine - The Church at Ephesus (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Eight - Seven Stars & Seven Candlesticks (.ra audio)  (.mp3)   (.rm video)Part Seven - Alpha & Omega (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part Six - Doxa (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Five - 7 Fold Spirit Poured Out (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Four - 7 Pillars of Truth (Part Two) (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Three - 7 Pillars of Truth (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part Two - 7 Spirits of God (.ra audio)  (.mp3)   (.rm video)  Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video) 

Joel 2:21: The Promise for Today (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)

The Worship time was worth sharing: Wednesday, November 04,2009 p.m. (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video) 

Symbolism - Smoke & Mirrors in Modern Society:  Part I (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  Part II (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)     Part IX (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video) 

The River of God:  Part I (.ra audio)  (.rm video)  (.mp3 audio)   Part II - River Flow Through Me (.ra audio)  (.rm video)  (.mp3 audio) 

Demonic Spirits:  Part I (audio)  (video)   Part II (audio)  (video)  Part III (audio)  (video)  Part IV (audio)  (video)   Part V (audio)  (video)    Part VI (audio)  (video)    Part VII (audio)  (mp3)  (video)   Part VIII: "Development of Disloyalty I" (audio)  (mp3)  (video)  Part IX: "Development of Disloyalty II" (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm)   Part X: "Development of Disloyalty III" (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm)  Part XI: "Development of Disloyalty IV" (.mp3)

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Prophetic Utterances:

Sunday, September 16, 2007
Sunday, October 21, 2007 "Pleased With Worship"
Sunday, October 21, 2007 "Circle of Grace" and "Warring Angels Dance"
Sunday, May 11, 2008 "You Win!"
Sunday, May 25, 2008 a.m.
Sunday, May 25, 2008 p.m.
Sunday, June 8, 2008 a.m. "Stand Still"
Sunday, June 30, 2008 a.m.
Sunday, August 31, 2008 a.m. "Victory Flow"
Sunday, August 31, 2008 p.m. "Boldly Come!"
Sunday, October 26, 2008 a.m. "I Will Manifest"
Sunday, November 2, 2008 a.m.
Sunday, November 2, 2008 p.m.
Sunday, November 30, 2008 p.m.
Sunday, January 17, 2009 a.m.
Sunday, February 8, 2009 a.m.
Sunday, February 22, 2009 a.m.
Sunday, March 01, 2009 a.m. - Prophetic Worship
Sunday, May 31, 2009 a.m. - Prophetic Worship  (mp3) (video)
Sunday, May 31, 2009 a.m. - Prophetic Word to Jeanine (.ra audio)  (.rm video)
Sunday, June 28, 2009 a.m. - Prophetic Words (.rm video)
Sunday, June 28, 2009 p.m. - Prophetic Worship (.rm video)
Sunday, August 2, 2009 p.m. - Prophetic Worship (.rm video)
Sunday, August 16, 2009 p.m. - Prophetic Worship (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)
Sunday, August 23, 2009 a.m. - Prophetic (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)
Sunday, August 23, 2009 p.m. - Prophetic (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)
Wednesday, August 26, 2009 p.m. - Prophetic (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)
Sunday, August 30, 2009 a.m. - Prophetic (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)
Sunday, August 30, 2009 p.m. - Prophetic (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)
Sunday, September 6, 2009 a.m. - Prophetic (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)
Sunday, December 04, 2011 p.m. - Prophetic Worship (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)
Sunday, December 07, 2011 p.m. - Prophetic Worship (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)

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Teachings on Giving:

 10% or 30% - You Choose (audio .ra)   (.mp3)  (video .rm)
Can't Out Give God (audio .ra)   (.mp3)  (video .rm)
God is Good!
Integrity Acts
"No Want" + Prophecy
Seed Time & Harvest
The Death Principle
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
The Promise Comes
Seed Never Leaves Your Life 
The Christian "Tithe" 
 Fear Not! 

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