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2013 - Last Sunday Morning:  October 27 - "Covenant Commitment" (.mp3 audio)    (youtube)

October 13 - "Blessing & Favor" Part Three (.mp3 audio)    (youtube)   September 29 - "Blessing & Favor" Part Two (.mp3 audio)    (youtube)   September 15 - "Blessing & Favor" Part One (.mp3 audio)    (youtube)   August 25 - From Glory to Glory" Part One (.mp3 audio)    (youtube)    June 09 - "Marriage - The Plan of God" (.mp3 audio)    (youtube)   May 12 - "Mother's Day Message" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    March 17 - "The Word (Written & Spoken" (.mp3 audio)    (.rm video)  (youtube)    February - "These Days We Live In" (.mp3 audio)    (.rm video)  (youtube)    January 20 - "Faith For Healing" (.mp3 audio)    (.rm video)  (youtube)

2013 - Last Sunday Evening:  November 10 - "Holy Spirit Justifies"  (.mp3 audio)  (youtube video)

November 03 - "Holy Spirit is a Person"  (.mp3 audio)  (youtube video)    October 20 - "Speak Out Loud"  (.mp3 audio)  (youtube video)   September 22 - "Peace"  (.mp3 audio)    (youtube)   September 8 - Righteousness  (.mp3 audio)    (youtube)    August 25 - From Glory to Glory" Part Two  (.mp3 audio)    (youtube)    August 18 - "The Good Shepherd" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    August 04 - "Holy Ghost Fire" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   July 07 -  "  " (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    June 16 -  "Holy Ghost Fire" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    May 26 - "Apathy" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    April 28 - "He Gave Gifts to Men" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube video)    March 24 - "Hosanna!" (.mp3 audio)

2013 -  Wednesday Evening: November 06 - "Ask, Seek & Knock" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube) 

October 23 - "Plans for Good" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    October 09 - "The Rock" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    August 29 - "Faith Maintenance" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)   July 31 - "Your Confession - Your Profession" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    June 26 - "Bethel El Bethel" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    May 29 - "Harvest of What?" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)    May 01 - "Fruit Bears Fruit" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube)  February 6: - "Holy Ghost" (.mp3 audio)  (youtube video)

January 23 - "He Healed Them All" (.mp3 audio)  (youtube video)

Sunday A.M. 2012

December 16 - "Seed of the Woman" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   October 21 - "Talk to Your Storm" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   September 30 - "Faith Speaks" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)      September 02 - "Faith Is" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   August 20 - "Basics of Faith" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   July 29 - "Prepare The Way of The Lord" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)  July 15 - "Prayer of Power" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)    June 24 - "Building A Wall of Prayer" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    May 13 - "Hannah" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   May 02 - "Limits" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    April 15 - "Seed of the Word" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   April 29 - "Lead" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   March 18 - "Seeds of Love" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)     February 19 - "Prayer of Worship" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    January 29 - "Leading From The Fourth Dimension" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    January 08 - "Staying In The FLOW" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)

2012 - Sunday Evening:   September 09 "It's Not a Sacrifice to Praise You" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)    September 09 "It's Not a Sacrifice to Praise You" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   September 02 "Happy Day" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)    August 26 "No One Can Compare" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   August 20 "The Father's Love" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   July 29 "Prepare The Way for His Glory" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   July 15 "He's Everything to Me" (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)  (youtube)   January 29 Prophetic Prayer & Worship Service (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)    January 22 Prophetic Prayer & Worship Service (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)   January 08 Prophetic Prayer & Worship Service (.ra audio)   (.mp3)   (.rm video)

2012 -  Wednesday Evening:  December 26 - "Hold On To Your Faith" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   October 24 - "Shield of Faith" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)  October 3 - "Speaking Wisdom Words" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   September 12 - "Faith of Abraham" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  (youtube)   July 25 - "Gifts of The Spirit" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)     May 23 - "A History of Pentecost" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    March 21 "Now Speak Is" (.ra audio)   (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   February 22 "" (.ra audio)   (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    February 08 "Faithful" (.ra audio)   (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)     January 25- "Weapon of Choice" (.ra audio)   (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)    January 11- "Fear & Confusion" (.ra audio)   (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)

Messages Out "George & Sharon at Amigos de Fe" (.ra audio)   (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)


"Restoring Your Dream" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   "Pure Heart" (.ra audio)  (mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   Authority - Part Four        Ezekiel's Two Visions (Video)  (Audio)   God Bless America    The Tithe

Sunday P.M. 2011  

December 11 - "Enter His Gates" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   July 24 - "Love Is" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    July 03 - "Raise Your Sights" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    June 19 - "Temptation" Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    April 17 - "The Scape Goat" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    May 01 - "The Blessing" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   April 17 - "The Scape Goat" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    April 10 - "Hail The King!" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    April 03 - "Where Is God?" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    March 27 - "False Witness" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    March 20 - "Slap in the Face" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    March 13 - "Hypocritical Kiss" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    March 06 - "20 Pieces of Silver" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    February 27 - "Wilderness Walk" Part Five (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    February 13 - "Wilderness Walk" Part Four (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    February 06 - "Wilderness Walk" Part Three (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    January 30 - "Wilderness Walk" Part Two (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   January 23 - "Wilderness Walk" Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    January 09 - "God became Flesh - Flesh is NOT God" Part Three (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   January 02 - "God became Flesh - Flesh is NOT God" Part Two (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)

Wednesday P.M 2011:

December 28 - "Your Gift Makes Room For You" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   December 14 - "What Child is This?" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    October 20 - "Worship" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   October 12 - "Excellence" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  August 10 - "Getting Rid of the Baggage" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   August 03 - "Praying In The Spirit" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   June 29 - "Temptation" Part I (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   June 22 - "Grace" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   June 15 - "Grace" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   June 08 - "Grace" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   May 25- "Grace" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   May 18- "Grace" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   May 04- "Grace" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   April 27- "Grace" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  April 20- "Sacrifice" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   March 16- "Seek God for the City" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   March 09 - "7 Raptures" Part Four (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    March 02 - "7 Raptures" Part Three (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   February 23 - "7 Raptures" Part Two (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   February 16 - "7 Raptures" Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   January 02 - "Temptation" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video) 

2010 Sunday P.M.

December 26 - "God became Flesh - Flesh is NOT God" Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    December 05 - "Facing Your Goliath" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    November 28- "Authority" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    November 21- "Obedience" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    November 07- This Old House (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    October 31- Prevailing Blood (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    October 03 - Liquid Love - The Blood of Jesus (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    August 29 - Faith (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    August 15 - Hebrews (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   July 25 - Blood Bought (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    July 18 - Unlimited Reach of the Blood (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    June 27 - Expectancy (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   June 20 - Come Unto Him (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   June 06 - Standing In His Presence (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   May 30 - One Thing I Desire (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   May 23 - Pentecostal Power (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  May 09 - Blood That Prevails (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  April 25 - Blood Eternal (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  April 18 - Blood That Covers (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  April 04 - Blood Power (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  March 28 - The Blood Speaks (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  March 21 - The Blood Speaks Grace (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  March 14 - The Vine & The Branches (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  March 07 - The Blood Cleanses (.rm video)  February 21 - Assembly Required (.rm video)    January 31 - Righteousness, Peace & Joy (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  January 24 - Pastor Sharon and Rev. Eloise Carey in ministry  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  The Blood That Speaks (Part Ten "The Blood on the Mercy Seat") (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)


Philippine Missions Report: Missions & Ministry (.rm video)  Indiana Report: "Spying Out The Land" (.rm video)"

December 22 - "Seed of the Woman" Part Three (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   December 15 - "Seed of the Woman" Part Two (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  December 8 - "Seed of the Woman" Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video) 

 The Book of Revelation:  Part Thirty Eight - Chapter 14  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part Thirty Seven - Chapter 14  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Thirty Six - Chapter 13  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part Thirty Five - Chapter 12  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part Thirty Two - Chapter 9  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part Thirty One - Chapter 8  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part Thirty - Chapter 7  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part Twenty Nine - Part Four  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part Twenty Eight - Chapter 6:9-11 - Part Three  (.ra audio)   Part Twenty Seven - Chapter 6 - Part Two  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twenty Six - Chapter 6 - Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twenty Five - Chapter 5  (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twenty Four - Chapter 4 "Prophetic Portal" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twenty Three - Chapter 4 "Prophetic Portal" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twenty Two - Chapter 4 "Prophetic Portal" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twenty One - The Seven Churches: Review and Conclusion (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twenty - The Church at Laodicea Part Two (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part Nineteen - The Church at Laodicea Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Eighteen - The Church at Philadelphia Part Two (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Seventeen - The Church at Philadelphia Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Sixteen - The Church at Sardis (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part Fifteen - The Church at Sardis (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)

2009: The Blood That Speaks (Part Nine "The Cleansing Blood") (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  The Blood That Speaks (Part Eight "The Blood of The Father") (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  The Blood That Speaks (Part Seven "Blood of the Covenant") (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  The Blood That Speaks (Part Six "Pleading The Blood") (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  The Blood That Speaks (Part Five) (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   The Blood That Speaks (Part Four) (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  The Blood Speaks (Part Three) (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)  The Blood Speaks (Part Two) (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)   The Blood Speaks (Part One) (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)   Wind Words Part Three: "Tongues of Fire" (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)   Wind Words Part Two (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)   Wind Words (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video) (Prophetic part of the service .ra audio)

Laugh at the Devil (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)  God's Words (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)    Creative Words (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)   Curses & Blessings (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)

River Flow Through Me - Part One (.ra)  (.mp3)  (video .rm)   River Flow Through Me - Part Two (.ra)  (.mp3)  (video .rm)   River Flow Through Me - Part Three (.ra)  (.mp3)  (video .rm)   Deliverance


The Book of Revelation:

Part Fourteen - The Church at Thyatira (Part Two) (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video) 

Part Thirteen - The Church at Thyatira (Part One) (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Twelve - The Church at Pergamos Part Two (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Eleven - The Church at Pergamos (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Ten - The Church at Smyrna (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Eight - Seven Stars & Seven Candlesticks (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Seven - Alpha & Omega (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)Part Six - Doxa (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Five - 7 Fold Spirit Poured Out (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Four - 7 Pillars of Truth (Part Two) (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Part Three - 7 Pillars of Truth (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video) Part Two - 7 Spirits of God (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Part One (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  

Joel 2:21: The Promise for Today (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)

The Worship time was worth sharing: Wednesday, November 04,2009 p.m. (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video) 

2008 (Powerful teachings available at the Wellspring Resource Center):

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Fruit of the Holy Spirit: (Audio) 

Gifts of the Holy Spirit: (Audio)  

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