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Sunday AM : July21 - "Power of Prayer" (.mp3 audio)  (audio only)

June 30 - "Pilgrimage" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube video)   May 19 - "Pentecost" (.mp3 audio)   (audio only)   April 21 - "Anointing" (.mp3 audio)   (youtube video)

Sunday PM : May 19 - "Seasons" (.mp3 audio)

April 21 - "Prayer is Key" (.mp3 audio)

Wednesday PM : May 13 - "Society" (.mp3 audio)

April 17 - "Basics" (.mp3 audio)


November 18:  "The Way God Operates" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   November 04:  "The Raising of the Widow's Son at Nain" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   September 26:  "The Violent Take It By Force" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    September 23:  "Faith Speaks" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)      May 16:  "Prayer" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   April 25:  "The World" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   April 22:  "The Word" (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)     Ruth (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)     He Will Never Leave You (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)    Ruth (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Blood Bought (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Good Friday (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Born Again (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   The Importance of Prayer (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   The Importance of the Blood (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Who is God to You? (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)  Healing Is Your Portion (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   The House of God (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   Not Ashamed of the Holy Spirit (.ra audio)  (.mp3)  (.rm video)   10 Most Important Values of The Church # 1 - The Scriptures     10 Most Important Values of The Church # 7 - "Multiplication and Spiritual Reproduction"   2009 Family 101 Summit Part Two - Pastor Lou Grillo  (mov)  (audio)  (mp3)    Blood of Christ (.rm video)  (.ra audio)  (mp3)   Living Stones: Vision & Purpose   Plant The Word    Prayer Summit 2008 Part Three    Principles of Spiritual Warfare   Separated Unto God   Show Us The Father  Training For Reigning  Urgency 

Equipping Summit:

2009 "Faith That Works" Summit: Faith for Finances - Pastor Lou Grillo (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)    Faith for Your Dream - Pastor George Stover (.ra audio)   (mp3)  (rm video)   Faith In The Blood - Dr. Sharon Stover, R.N.; Ph.D. (.ra audio)  (mp3)   (.rm video)

2009 "The Vision of Multipication" Summit:  The Importance of an Encounter - Pastor Sharon Stover (video)  (audio)   The Creative Power of Vision - Pastor Lou Grillo (video)  (audio)    The Five Cultures of the Vision (video) - Pastor George Stover  (audio)

2009 "Apostolic Team Building" Summit:   Prophetic Worship & Prayer "Harnessing the Power of The River - Pastor Sharon Stover, R.N., Ph.D.  (audio)  (mp3)    Prophetic Discipleship & Multiplication - Pastor Lou Grillo   (audio)  (mp3)     The Remnant Covenant - Pastor George Stover, Ph.D.  (audio)   (mp3)  

Special Events:

2009 WBI Graduation: Certificate Ceremony


November 02, 2011: Realities of Giving (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)
May 09, 2010: Shout for Joy! (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)
January 06, 2010: Offering Time (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)
November 15, 2009: Offering Time (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)
November 01, 2009: Offering Time (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)
October 11, 2009: Offering Time (.ra audio)  (mp3)  (.rm video)
September 06, 2009: Gift of Love (.ra audio)  (mp3)