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 This Past Sunday:  "Productive" (.mp3 audio)   (.rm video)

"Giving is Good" (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)  "My Team Wins" (.rm video)   "Pigeon's" (.mp3 audio)   "Tithe" (.mp3 audio)    April 15, 2012 (.rm video)    February 12, 2012 (.rm video)     February 05, 2012 (.rm video)    January 29, 2012 (.rm video)   January 08, 2012 (.rm video)   November 06, 2011 (.rm video)   November 02, 2011 (.rm video)   October 02, 2011 (.rm video)    April 03, 2011 (.rm video)   September 5, 2010 (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   Great God! - June 27, 2010 (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   No Coin Uncaptured - June 13, 2010 (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   Look In The Mirror - June 6, 2010 (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   All The Time - God is Good! - May 09, 2010 (.ra audio)  (.mp3 audio)  (.rm video)   God is Very Good! - April 18, 2010 (.ra audio)  (video .rm)   God is Good! - April 11, 2010 (.rm video)  The Glory of Giving - March 21, 2010 (.rm video)  It Takes Courage to Give - March 14, 2010 (.rm video)  It Takes Courage to Give - March 07, 2010 (.rm video) Happy New Year - January 03, 2010 (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm video)  Merry Christmas - December 27, 2009 (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm video)   Blessing Time! November 22, 2009 (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm video)  Blessing Time! November 08, 2009 (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm video)  Let It Go - It's Not Yours October 18, 2009 (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm video)   Treasure, Price, Glory October 11, 2009 (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm video)  Constipation Giving September 27, 2009 (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm video)  Ministry of Giving September 20, 2009 (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm video)  Your Heart Treasure September 6, 2009 (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm video)  He Gives The Power August 30, 2009 (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm video)   1 Chronicles 29:12-14    "A Cheerful Giver"      "Above All Things"    "Are You A Sower?"    "Blessing Time"    "Consider"    "Faithful"   Four P's    "Giving With Purpose"    "God Is Merciful"     "Handling Finances"   "Honor The Lord:    "It Takes Money"    Keeping Your Garden     "Making A Touch Down In The Game Of Life"     "Memorial"   More Than Enough   "On Dogs and Pigs"     "One Coin At A Time"     "Open Handed"     "Pay What You Owe"    "Power, Wealth & Established"     Psalm 50:23 "An Ordered Life"     "Promotion"     Prosperity   Provision, Promotion, Protection & , Prosperity    Living A Prospered Life     Foundation of Prosperity    Gen. 1:27, 28 "When in Doubt"   Psalm 1:3; 84:11 "Like A Tree Planted"    "Respect"    Rich Young Ruler    This Sunday     "Taking the Blessing for Granted"     "Thanks Living"    The Three R's   "The True Fast"      "Thank God"   "Thankful"      "Thanks Giving"    Three Levels of Giving    "Unending Provision"     "Up's and Down's"    Widow's Encounter  "What Gift Will You Buy Him?     "What You See Is Not What You See"     "Wise Men"      "Worry or Seek"      Tithing 101 # 1     Tithing 101 # 2    Tithing 101 # 3     Tithing 101 # 4    Touching The Least  Tithing 101 # 5  Out of Exile   Kingdom Seeking   Set A New Record   PPPP    Me, Myself & My    Expected Return   Where Your Treasure Is   Three "A's"   Tithe 101 #6    Book of Remembrance    Tithe 101 # 7   Blessed With What You Have  Your Cup Is Never Empty  Tithing 101 # 8   No Flat Tire   Give Thanks in Everything  Good, Bad & Ugly   Challenge Me   Ask, Expect, Receive   Tithe 101 # 9  Don't Forget Your Shovel  (video)   Generational Blessing  (video)  When You're Drowning   The 5th "P"  (video)  Use Your Money Wisely  (mp3)  (video)   Wise Use of Your Money  (mp3)   Use Wisdom  (mp3)   Luke 6:38  (mp3)   2 Corinthians 9:7  (mp3)   April 12 (mp3)   Tipping God - Luke 21:1-4 (mp3)   May 31, 2009 (.ra)  (mp3) (video)   June 7, 2009 Me, Myself, My & I (.ra) (mp3) (video)  July 12, 2009 (.ra)  (mp3) (video)  July 26, 2009 (.ra)  (mp3)  Tithers & Givers - Law & Grace August 23, 2009 (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm video)  This Past Sunday: He Gives The Power August 30, 2009 (.ra)  (mp3)  (.rm video)

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